How I started

April 14, 2020 • 2 min read

The beginning

It all began when I was in grade 4. I had a class called moral sciences, where we discussed stories of inspiring people. There was this one story about a woman named Ida Scudder and how she started her hospital with a single bed but went on to become one of India’s most acclaimed and has saved millions of people.

Both her attitude and story inspired me to pursue medicine. Back then I wasn’t too aware of all the other career options available also didn’t feel like I needed to be.

There no looking back since then. Before the start of grade 11, I went through a little bit of a swing. I was still into medicine but I tried to explore my options because suddenly I felt very conventional about my choice.

There is nothing wrong with being conventional as long as your passionate about your choice but shouldn’t fall prey to the state of being unaware.

I had even explored design options then because I loved drawing and creative stuff like designing projects for school. I had ultimately decided to continue my almost life-long dream of becoming a doctor.

My exploration phase

During grade 11 I spoke to a lot of people about different career options. I remained fixated to medicine but began reconsidering as to why I chose medicine in the first place.

Meanwhile drawing and designing were giving me more happiness than ever. I had started drawing in January 2017 only as a hobby but soon enough it became an integrated part of my life by November 2018.

I started exploring my design options again. I explored different design colleges and the courses offered. I went through portfolio requirements and career road maps for almost each of them.

On one such day, I went through Fashion designing and felt like it was plausible. I found out about this amazing fashion designer, Kresha Bajaj whose designs inspired me like crazy. Couture was a hook that I couldn’t get off.

The whole idea of creating and designing clothes got me enticed to it. Medicine was still a constant but between fashion and medicine I inclined more towards fashion by December 2018.

The tussle and its winner

Over a course of 6 months trying to find my way through, weighing the pros and cons in accordance with my thoughts and ideas about both.

How I made my decision between a life-long dream and relatively new yet a hook I couldn’t get off dream was quite an experience.

To make this decision I went back to the time of how I made each of these two decisions. It led me down two roads.

One road, when I was a nine-year- old I had made a decision impulsively not thinking twice about whether medicine is right for me or not. The other road which I had taken with full conscience and caution.

I had real fervor for this choice of mine. So I simply made my decision, I chose Fashion designing.

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